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What is speed dating?

Speed dating is a matchmaking process which has the purpose of encouraging eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period of time.

What should I expect on the night?

When you arrive we’ll greet you at the door, confirm your booking and provide you with a ratemydateni pack. We’ll provide you with your seat number so that you can be seated when the dates start (around 8pm).

The females will remain in their allocated seat whilst the men will move one seat forward after each date until all dates have been completed.

When the event begins you get 4 minutes to chat before we ring the bell. We then give you a 30 second grace period to complete your match card and for the men to move seats. We will have some breaks throughout the dating for refreshments etc.  

After all the dates have been completed please return your pack to us and we then  encourage you to stay and mingle and enjoy the entertainment provided. 

How do I know who I've matched with?

On the night you will be provided with a match card, included in your ratemydateni pack. If you feel there is a connection you tick ‘yes’ in the ‘Would you like a second date?’ column.

If they also tick yes for you it’s a match. We will email you with all your matches the following day.  

It’s then up to you to decide if you want to make the first move or not.

Your email address is only ever shared with your matches.

Speed Dating FAQ'S

What sort of people go speed dating?

Most people who attend are people who would just like to meet more people and have gotten bored of the modern day way of dating (via mobile apps etc). They’re generally people who just aren’t meeting people through their work or immediate circle of friends.

How old are the people at events?

It depends on the event. All of our events are arranged into specific age groups. Check our events page for all of our events and their age bands.

Is there an age limit?

Whilst the age range is more of a guideline we ask that participants are usually within a year of the age range (either side). We may ask for ID before entry to ensure that the participants are within the perceived age range as we have found this leads to more matches and a better overall experience for everyone. 

How many people can I expect to meet?

This is usually dependant upon the venue. On average, we have around 15 men and 15 women at each event, though this may vary depending on individual circumstances (e.g. late cancellations etc).

Will 4 minutes be enough?

Yes, 4 minutes can be a long time with someone you do not ‘connect’ with. However, it is long enough to know whether you would like to invest a few hours getting to know each other on a further date.

Is there a dress code?

Smart casual is best, something you feel comfortable and confident in – think what you would wear to go on a mid-week date. Although there is no official dress code at our events.

Are the events private?

Yes, the events take place in rooms which have been specifically hired for the event.

Can I come alone?

Yes, most speed daters do come alone. Once you have registered you can have a drink at the bar and mix with other participants but feel free to come with friends too.

I’m too nervous…

It’s natural to be nervous when meeting new people, especially when there’s the prospect of romance. However rest assured that if you don’t connect with one of the dates its much easier to spend 4 minutes with dates you don’t connect with than a whole evening.

Speed Dating tips

For men and women who have never been to a speed dating event and are feeling a little nervous, take some time to read the useful dating tips below.

  • Be relaxed – almost all of the people attending won’t have done speed dating before so don’t feel nervous.
  • Don’t worry if you think you’ll have nothing to say or will clam up the 4 minutes goes very quick and its amazing how the other person will chat making the conversation flow. We include some prompt cards on the table too if you feel you need them.
  • Don’t have too much to drink – you don’t want a memory block the following morning and forget what your potential dates look like!
  • During the 4 minutes try to find out if you have anything in common with the person you’re talking to, this will help you decide if you want a further date of not.
  • Use the breaks and the time after the event to chat further with people you’ve been attracted to – this may help you decide who to choose.
  • Don’t forget to put your name on your sheet before you hand it in – it’s amazing how some people do!
  • Enjoy the event – it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to chat and flirt with so many unattached good looking strangers all in one night!

What is a premium ticket?

Upgrade your free drink – Don’t want prosecco? Choose something else!

Familiar faces? Find out how many people you have met before at previous events!

Ticket protection: Option to defer your ticket to a future event!

Second chance date – Find out everyone who said yes to you and amend your choices to secure a match!

Double your chances – Additional raffle ticket to better your chances of winning our prize giveaway!

Terms and conditions apply

What's the story behind Ratemydateni?

During 2019 I attended some local speed dating events and really liked the concept. The events were good fun and it completely changed my opinion on speed dating. There were a few things that I felt were missing on the night though and I thought that I could do better.

I had the idea for this business a few months before Covid19 .. and like everything else the pandemic stopped any progress.

My main aim is to provide an evening where everyone feels comfortable, has a good time on the night and finds what they are looking for. 

I’ll be in attendance at every event so feel free to stick around and chat after.

Hope to see you there soon – Gerard.