Singles Lock & Key party / Age 28-45

Laverys room

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7:30 pm

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To celebrate 1 year of Ratemydateni we’re bring you a brand new event – introducing our Singles Lock & Key party!


Our Lock and Key party will provide you with the perfect icebreaker and will make for a very sociable and fun night out with plenty of chances to win some great prizes


What is the format of a Lock & Key Party?

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our hosts. Females are issued with a small padlock on a bracelet to wear while the guys are given keys. After a quick explanation from us you can start mingling with others in the room, trying keys in the locks and vice versa. All the time meeting new people in a fun, safe and unique way.

You can be as forward as you like – seeking out the locks and keys or simply standing back and let people come to you! There’s no right or wrong approach.

We will typically have 2 sessions throughout the night with each Lock and Key session on the night lasts around 45 minutes. For each session you’ll be in a group of around 15 people meeting 15 others of the opposite sex.. and these sessions ensure you get an opportunity to meet everyone in a fun and structured way. It will be up to you how you use your time.

At the end of the session you can discreetly write down your favourite people from the group you’ve just met who’d you’d like to match with.


What happens when a key opens a lock?

When you’ve found a matching lock and key you return this to us and both of you will receive a raffle ticket – this is your chance to win one of our prizes that are drawn throughout the evening. Both of you will then be provided with a new lock and key so you can continue to mingle and meet more people.


How do I match with someone?

Unlocking a lock and key does not mean that you’ve automatically matched – you must choose your preferences by filling out the match card.

If both of you choose each other as a preference on the match card – it will be a match.

By the end of the night you should have up to, but no more than, 8 preferences on your match card.

The next day we’ll send you an email with your matches along with their email address. Your matches will receive your email address – the next move is up to you.


How long do the parties last?

The event itself will start at 8 and finish around 11:30pm.


How many people attend?

We’re expecting at least 30 males and 30 females on the night.


Are the numbers of girls and guys equal?

We cannot guarantee exact equal numbers – however we carefully monitor tickets to ensure as close to an even mix of both men and women as possible. It should be noted that, at times, no shows and walk-ins can slightly skew this balance.


Is the bar open throughout the event?

We’ll have a fully staffed bar with drinks promotions available.


What happens after the event?

After the Lock and Key sessions we’ll be drawing out our raffle where you can win some prizes.

The Lock and Key party is only the icebreaker start to your evening, afterwards you can stay and mingle, enjoy the music and chat or even play the fun games we’ll be providing.

By the end, you will have met loads of new people – potential love interests and maybe even have made some new friends along the way!


Male tickets: Running low 

Female tickets: Sold Out


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

  • Laverys
  • 12-18 Bradbury Place
  • Belfast
  • BT7 1RS

Event Schedule Details

  • 27/09/2022 7:30 pm   -   11:30 pm
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